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Vin Scully Loves This Magic Moment at Dodger Home Games

His dulcet tones were the voice of L.A. for nearly 70 years. Imagine them now as the long-time Dodgers sportscaster savors his favorite sport

Correspondences From a Jewish Grandmother: How to Handle Summer in L.A.

On his Web site, Weather From, comedian David Krumholtz takes on the persona of Gigi, an octogenarian with a penchant for meteorology. He—er, she—has a few opinions about our favorite season

The Full Spectrum: Grading L.A. Summer Oases By Radiance

Some like it hot. Some like it not. There’s a local oasis for everyone

Five Perfect Beach Chic Pieces

Accessories that’ll make a day at the beach feel like your own private island.

Game of Cones: The New L.A. Scoops That Have Won Us Over

You know what they say: we all scream for ice cream.

The Summer Venue Menu

There’s a lot more to enjoying an outdoor show than live music and fresh air.

The Songs of L.A. Summer: A Local Hangout-Inspired Mixtape By Dublab

Mark “Frosty” McNeill, Dublab cofounder, offers the DJ collective’s party playlist inspired by L.A.'s best summer spots.

This is Not The End! Seth Rogen’s 5-Step Plan For Summer Survival

Seth Rogen, whose apocalyptic comedy This is the End opens this month, offered to prep us for potential summertime disasters

Grilling Guru Recipe: Golden Road Brewing’s BBQ Rib Sauce

Chef Adam Levoe shares his bone-sucking recipe.