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ucla strike

Why UCLA Grad Students Are Ready to Go on Strike

Inside the fight for COLA (a cost of living adjustment) for students who work as teaching assistants
democratic debate labor dispute

A Southern California Union Says the Democratic Debate Helped End a Months-Long Labor Dispute

As the candidates got involved and the headlines followed, Loyola Marymount food service workers reached an agreement with their employer
teachers strike

A Woman Was Caught on Camera Shouting “Build the Wall” at Striking Teachers

LAUSD "removed" an employee from a local school after Twitter went wild

16 Powerful Photos from the NoDAPL Protest

L.A. is not going to stop fighting back any time soon

Truck Driver Strikes at the Port of Los Angeles Resume

This is the fifth protest in a year's time with drivers calling for an end to alleged wage theft

Today, Fast Food Workers Go on Strike Across Los Angeles

Lines at drive-thru windows are especially long today as workers fight for higher wages.