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This Is How L.A. Plans to Combat Street Takeovers

The plan from the city follows at least six street-takeover-related deaths in the past eight months

Cops Confiscate 34 Cars, Stop 22 Street Takeovers in Weekend Sweep

This weekend, 34 fools lost their cars as dozens of others lost licenses and even their freedom in a crackdown on L.A.'s criminal pastime

Angelino Heights Wants New ‘Fast and Furious’ Out of the Neighborhood

It's not just the noise and annoyance from the car fetish franchise residents reject, but the reckless motorhead tourists that come with it

Street Takeovers in L.A. Are Growing More Frequent and More Violent

The street takeovers are too big to police and in the last 8 months at least 6 people have died "during or near" the gatherings

Now the 6th Street Bridge Will Cost L.A. $700K in Graffiti Clean Up

Helpless against those who treat our half-billion-dollar bridge as an amusement park, L.A. will now pay a fortune to clean up their mess