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Why Don’t We Eat Bugs?

They're abundant, cheap, full of protein, and enthusiasts say they're darn tasty.

Horse & Donkey Meat Found In European Beef: So What?

Traces of horse & donkey meat were found in European burgers, frozen lasagna, and other products labeled "100% beef." Labeling issues aside, why are some people OK with eating cows, but not horses or donkeys?

Essential T: Mexican-Style Grasshopper Tacos at Guelaguetza

Grasshoppers have long been enjoyed for their flavor (and high protein) in Oaxaca. Here in L.A., Guelaguetza serves them up right.

Cracklin-sanity: Rinds Are All the Rage in 2013

Fried skin is in this year! Eddie Lin is on the hunt, and thinks we'll see it pop up on more and more menus around town.

This Porridge Has Some Serious (Pig) Guts: Cháo Lòng Heo

Eddie Lin samples cháo lòng heo—Vietnamese rice porridge with intestines, tongue, and liver—at Pho So 1 in Van Nuys. Does it impress him as much as his usual order of beef pho?

Smells Like Teen Sweat Socks: Stinky Tofu at Yami Teahouse

Fried stinky tofu is a Taiwanese delicacy that, if nothing else, certainly lives up to its name. But for adventurous eaters, finding it here in L.A. is a treat.

How to Get “Ahead” at Beijing Pavilion

Ox head, pig skin jelly, and lamb testicle skewers... oh my! Extreme dining, Beijing style, in Rowland Heights.