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Larry Elder Once Said He’d Like to See a Stephen Miller Presidency

The gubernatorial recall candidate was once a mentor to the architect of Trump’s "zero tolerance" immigration policy

Stephen Miller Plans Even More Draconian Immigration Policies if Trump Gets a Second Term

The administration has sanctuary cities like L.A. in its sights
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Stephen Miller, Architect of Trump’s Immigration Policy, Tests Positive for COVID-19

The Santa Monica High School graduate is reportedly one of 34 people in Trump's orbit who've tested positive
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Donald Trump’s Politics of White Fear Have Roots in Southern California

From the Claremont Institute’s apocalyptic rhetoric to Stephen Miller’s anti-immigration fervor, the right-wing's most controversial messaging has a long legacy in the region
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Stephen Miller’s Grandmother Died of COVID and Relatives Are ‘Outraged’ at the Trump Advisor

Despite what a death certificate says, the White House has denied that Ruth Glosser died from the coronavirus
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Leaked Emails Indicate that Stephen Miller Propped Up Nationalist Ideology

A new report offers insight into the Trump advisor and SAMOHI graduate's role in shaping right-wing media coverage
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Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Has Always Been This Way

From "virtual loner" to the White House: An oral history of Stephen Miller's days at Santa Monica High