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Stanford Releases ‘Harmful Language’ List of Hurtful Words to Eliminate

The Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative seeks to rid Stanford, and perhaps the world, of troubling terms like “American"

The Story Behind Catarina Buchatskiy Leaving Stanford for Ukraine

“We want to be able to come out of this with the Ukrainian legacy intact,” Buchatskiy told Los Angeles magazine

Stanford Responds to Suicide Crisis After 4th Student in 13 Months Takes Her Own Life

Just a week after the Stanford goalkeeper and captain’s death, university officials vow to strengthen their mental health services

Can C.L. Max Nikias Turn USC into the Stanford of Southern California?

The president of USC is on a six billion dollar mission

Blood Ties

Will stockpiling children's umbilical cord stem cells protect them from disease later in life? An entire new industry—and fearful new parents—are banking on it