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georgia abortion ban hollywood

Will a Hollywood Boycott of Georgia Help or Hurt the Cause of Reproductive Rights?

In the wake of the state’s abortion restrictions, studios are deciding how to respond
ava duvernay prada diversity

Prada Enlists Director Ava DuVernay to Advise on “Diversity and Inclusion”

Following a blackface scandal, the Italian label wants to "elevate voices of color"
spike lee best director blackkklansman

And the Oscars (Should) Go To…

Our resident movie buff picks his faves in every category—even if the movies weren’t actually nominated
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Exclusive: See Which Movies Cinespia is Screening at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in July

Cinespia's mid-summer lineup includes Top Gun, The Goonies, and Hard Days Night

The Essential Movie Library #46: Malcolm X (1992)

The contradiction, at once ironic and grand, of Malcolm X is that it’s a thoroughly old-fashioned studio biopic made by indie maverick Spike Lee about an African-American radical living in a time during which everything felt revolutionary.