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The Hollywood of Kenneth Anger’s Imagination Is Coming to Life in the Old Spago Space

'Hollywood Babylon: A Re-Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome' melds L.A. lore to create a fresh narrative wonderfully steeped in sleaze

8 Iconic L.A. Dishes That Have Stood the Test of Time

From bacon-wrapped dates to a simple roasted chicken

Dish Hack: Spago’s Smoked Salmon Pizza

Find your inner Wolfgang
Los Angeles Public Library

Vintage Menus Are the Special Du Jour

The Los Angeles Public Library’s incredible menu collection goes on display June 13

On the Oscars Menu: Wagyu Steak for Bradley Cooper, Chicken Pot Pie for Barbra Streisand

Wolfgang Puck dishes on what the stars are looking forward to eating on Sunday

Golden Globes Restaurant Power Rankings: Where to Look for the Stars

If you want to see A-listers push food around, these are the spots

Your Table is Right This Way

For the assistant maître d’ at Spago, life was a game of thrones

Flashback Friday: A New Little Spot Called Spago

In 1984, pizza was controversial, dessert cost $4.50, and Wolfgang Puck had the city on a string

Jonathan Gold Picks L.A.’s 101 Best Restaurants

Providence, Urasawa, Spago, Mozza, Kogi, and Lucques take top spots

Put On Airs

While Beverly Hills may be world famous and its name synonymous with luxury, at its core the city is just a small town. Think Mayberry meets Burberry