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Essential T: Mexico City Style Tostadas at the Mercado Olympic

The Mercado Olympic does it again, delivering a primo version of this street food staple.

Don Lencho’s: Salvadoran Beach Barbeque Worth the South L.A. Detour

For the last 19 years, Don Lencho has been grilling whole fish over mesquite just like they do on the beaches of his native El Salvador, which has become a top surf destination in recent years for adventurous types. Mojarra frita, or whole fried fish is in practically every Latino cuisine represented in L.A., but grilled whole fish is rare.

Essential T: “Sweaty Tacos” at El Atoron in Vernon… No, Really. They’re Good.

There has been a slow influx of tacos de canasta, or basket taco, vendors over the past five years. Tacos de canasta are a thinner style of taco, usually filled with refried beans, stewed chicharrones in green sauce, or a mash of potatoes with chorizo.