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KILLING BETTY WILLIS: Why Has the Soul Singer’s Murderer Not Been Prosecuted? (Exclusive)

Over four and a half years after the murder of Betty Willis, the suspect in custody has not faced trial in Orange County

The Many Musical Influences of Hanni El Khatib

KCRW DJ Anne Litt on the musician, who caught her ear this month

Berry Gordy’s Gamble by the Sea

The United Sounds of Los Angeles #6: Remember when Motown had a state-of-the-art, two-story studio complex on Romaine complete with an atrium and an al fresco rooftop conference room?

The Most Successful Failure in the U.S. Rides a Giant Albino Rat: Meet Swamp Dogg

He rides giant albino rats. He earned a spot on Richard Nixon’s "enemies list." And he's playing at the Echo this Saturday. Meet Swamp Dogg.

Searching For Shuggie, Man

The adoring crowds that lined up for Shuggie Otis' sold-out show at the Echoplex came to see the homecoming of an omni-talented member of L.A. musical royalty. It should have been a transcendent night.