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The Bastard Executioner

Check out the New Trailer for Kurt Sutter’s The Bastard Executioner

The Sons of Anarchy creator has a new show on FX, and it looks every bit as action packed as you would expect

My LA to Z: Theo Rossi

The Sons of Anarchy star shares his top spots for classic vintage furniture, souped-up motorcycles, and deep-fried peanut butter

When the World Goes Dark

Kem Nunn got California’s attention with the surf noir masterpieces "Tapping the Source" and "The Dogs of Winter." Their message? Life can unravel with the slightest of tugs. In his latest novel, "Chance," he reaches new heights of anxiety

The Secret Life of Johnny Lewis

He was a Hollywood actor who had it all—including a dark side that led to a grisly murder.