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Virgin Suicides

The Styling of The Virgin Suicides Lives On

Sofia Coppola's '70s inspired film is playing this weekend, so throw on your white lace dress and get to Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The 5 Worst L.A. Clichés in The Bling Ring That We Wish Weren’t True

While it’s based on a true story, Angelenos might find Coppola’s depiction of a fame-whoring, status-grubbing, Porsche-zooming L.A. to be over the top. Well, for the most part.

‘The Bling Ring’ Book: a Primer on Fame and a Warning about its Perils

A potent mix of greed, ambition, and self-delusion, the real-life escapades of the "Bling Ring" have been chronicled in a non-fiction book that comes out today.

Been Caught Stealing: “Bling Ring” Trailer

Sofia Coppola's got a new a movie, and (unsurprisingly) it's all about the children of privilege -- or at least the kids who steal from them.