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Gurus or Quacks? Why Crypto Influencers are Facing Major Backlash

Ben Armstrong, an Atlanta YouTuber, has become a financial guru for over a million subscribers. But is he a crypto sage or an Bitcoin quack?

Applying for a Gun Permit in NY? Hand Over Your Social Accounts

In NY, concealed carry applicants will soon need to have their social media reviewed so that their "character and conduct" may be judged

Social Media’s Dark Reign Over CA Kids’ Mental Health May Be Ending

A bill looking to address this all-to-common and deadly serious phenomenon found support as it passed a key hurdle in the California Assembly

New Bill Would Allow Parents to Sue if Kids Get Addicted to Social Media

Law would require social media companies to take responsibility for the effect their products have on children and teenagers
logan paul boxing

Are Influencer Exhibition Fights the Future of Boxing?

As this weekend’s Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms prepares to pit YouTubers against TikTokers for a massive audience, not everyone’s pumped about the new gen of pugilist
girl boss

Is Being a ‘Girl Boss’ a Bad Thing? It’s Complicated

On TikTok and Instagram, a term that used to embody Millennial female empowerment has become a way to mock capitalism, superficial activism, and more
parler porn

Right-Wing Social Media Site Parler Is Reportedly Brimming with Porn

You never know what you'll find when you search #freedom on the pro-Trump platform
plywood fiona moriarty-mclaughlin

Woman Photographed Pretending to Put Up Plywood in Santa Monica Has Reportedly Been Canned

Caught on video, she was shamed by everyone from Pink to LeBron for her self-promotional stunt

Idiot Influencers and Racist Social Media Trends Are Making Everything a Little Bit Worse

Everything from racist makeup tutorials to disgusting hashtag challenges are distracting from a civil rights movement in progress

This L.A. Couple Turned an ‘Insta-flirtation’ into an IRL Relationship

Each week we ask a local couple, ”How did you meet?”