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chuck taylors kamala harris

Kamala Harris’s Chuck Taylors Are a Big Hit on the Campaign Trail

Sneakers actually have a long legacy of being subtly political
in-n-out shoes

Rep In-N-Out Down to Your Feet with These Official Shoes

The slip-ons bear the brand’s iconic cup print
frida kahlo vans shoes

Vans’ Latest Collection Honors Legendary Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo

Mark your calendars for this shoe release
chunky sneakers dad sneakers

L.A. Is in the Throes of a High-Dollar Sneaker Craze

Check out the new wave of celebrity-approved athletic shoes hitting the market
puma in-n-out cali-o drive thru cc mike cherman

Puma Dropped a Sneaker that Looks Suspiciously In-N-Out-ish–and In-N-Out Isn’t Stoked

The fast food chain says it’s considering legal action against the shoe brand
nike lebron 16

Why These New LeBron James Sneakers Are Bigger Than Just Basketball

The Laker-to-be’s newest signature shoe makes a statement

This Crazy Sneaker Collection Is About to Hit the Auction Block

Get your hands (er… feet) on some limited-edition sneaks

MooShoes in Silver Lake Sells Vegan Sneaks, If That’s Your Jam

No animals need to be harmed in the making of your footwear.
The Smiley Company

You Should Be Wearing Smiley Faces

A brief history of the happiest symbol on earth

Bandanas are Back

Here's the new way to tie one on