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automakers deal trump california

Automakers Defy Trump and Make a Climate Deal with California

Four top car companies will increase fuel efficiency even as the Trump administration works to ease standards
smog los angeles winter

Why Is L.A.’s Air Quality So Bad in the Winter?

People, we have a particle problem

There’s an App for Checking Air Quality (Which, Sadly, We Need Here)

The city still has the worst air pollution in the nation

Only a Real Angeleno Can Distinguish Seasons Based on Sunlight

It rarely rains and almost never snows here, but to the trained eye the shifting seasons are as clear as day

Paris Is Banning Older Cars, Should L.A. Be Next?

Some cities are taking bold action to reduce pollution, but not ours

The L.A. County Freeway That Belches the Most Smog

The 60 is a pollution monster of epic proportions