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skid row doctor

The Renegade Doctor of Skid Row Is Caring for Homeless Addicts in Revolutionary Ways

Raised in privilege, Dr. Susan Partovi has spent her career tending to people the public health system has left behind
homeless typhus los angeles

How the Homeless Ended Up Being Blamed for Typhus

“It is easy to blame folks who are unhoused," one advocate says
skid row coffee downtown los angeles

A Coffee Shop With a Humanitarian Mission Is Coming to the Central Library

Skid Row Coffee is going from pop-up to brick-and-mortar
homelessness los angeles encampments downtown

Here’s What’s Being Done to End L.A.’s Homelessness Crisis

Where your money is going, what steps are being taken, and what's coming next

This South African Street Artist Moved to L.A. to Explore the Politics of Being Human

From a Skid Row mural to her Echo Park studio, Faith XLVII is making her mark

Why Doesn’t Skid Row Have a Neighborhood Council? Activists Sound Off in a New Exhibit

Zillionaires Against Humanity takes downtown power brokers to task

MADE by DWC Combines Crafting with Empowerment

Think of the line of handmade goods at the Downtown Women’s Center as Etsy with a cause

How to Serve the Homeless this Holiday Season

These 11 organizations provide relief to those who have nowhere else to turn
Skid Row

CityDig: How Skid Row Became a Gathering Place for the Homeless

This 1921 map shows a downtown district where the down-and-out congregated