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The 6th Street Viaduct’s Very Weird Debut Begs Questions About Its Future

Cityside Column: Despite some dangerous antics and errant ideas, the city has a wonderful new attraction

Now the 6th Street Bridge Will Cost L.A. $700K in Graffiti Clean Up

Helpless against those who treat our half-billion-dollar bridge as an amusement park, L.A. will now pay a fortune to clean up their mess

The 6th Street Bridge is a Big Win with Racers and Other L.A. Night Types

The scene at the 6th Street Viaduct is brazenly lawless and clearly a potential tragedy but until then people are really loving it

The $588M Sixth Street Viaduct, L.A.’s Newest Icon, Is Set to Open

The Sixth Street Viaduct replacement debuts after a six-year construction; it's said it will be as iconic as the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory.