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Now the 6th Street Bridge Will Cost L.A. $700K in Graffiti Clean Up

Helpless against those who treat our half-billion-dollar bridge as an amusement park, L.A. will now pay a fortune to clean up their mess

Daily Brief: Why Gas Is So Much More Expensive In California

Daily Brief: Why Gas Is So Much More Expensive In California

Daily Brief: 6th Street Bridge Closed For Third Straight Night

Also, what can we learn from the victories of Mexico’s abortion rights activists?

‘Questionable Activity’ Closes Sixth Street Bridge for 3rd Straight Night

After two previous closures, LAPD tweeted that the bridge would be shut once again due to the late night antics that have made it famous

The 6th Street Bridge is a Big Win with Racers and Other L.A. Night Types

The scene at the 6th Street Viaduct is brazenly lawless and clearly a potential tragedy but until then people are really loving it

8 Images of the 6th Street Bridge’s Slow Death

More than half of the historic span has bit the dust

Mayor Garcetti’s Dork-Cool Is on Display in the #101SlowJam Video

A traffic warning that will make you cringe and smile

Did You Recognize These L.A. Locations in the Double Premiere of Agent Carter?

Peggy heads to Hollywood in the second season of the Marvel series

Old Sixth Street Bridge Will Meet Its Maker Sometime in February—Maybe

The 1932 span is set to kick the bucket next month, but its replacement is a thing of beauty

The Sixth Street Bridge is Falling Down—On Purpose

A $442-million project to replace it is officially underway