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Stalking Matthew Biancaniello

Where to get your Biancaniello fix.

Sundance Film Festival 2013: Your L.A. Connection

Right now and for the next week, the capital of Utah is Park City. The 2013 Sundance Film Festival, which kicks off with a gala premiere tonight, takes over the rustic town and popular ski destination for the next 11 days.

Toast & Coffee Are Serious Business at SQIRL in Silver Lake

Who knew that the seemingly ho-hum breakfast combo of coffee and toast could be so damn good? Jessica Koslow did.


In her minuscule kitchen, Jessica Koslow cooks up a a robust menu of stunning breakfast and lunch dishes that will set you reeling.

Ask Chris: Call Blocked

The hilly geography and large reservoir that make Silver Lake so appealing are the things that prevent you from completing a call.

The Best Damn Espresso I’ve Ever Had: G&B Coffee at SQIRL in Silver Lake

A few weeks ago, my buddy Josh Lurie from FoodGPS asked if I’d like to join him at G&B Coffee, a coffee pop-up of sorts, using a counter at the recently relocated SQIRL kitchen in Silver Lake. True too that the food was ridiculously good, but the espresso is what I really haven’t shut the hell up about ever since my visit.

La Caridad: Got My Mojo Working

When I first heard La Caridad (named after the Virgin of Charity, Cuba’s most important religious site) was closing until they got a new location, a moderate level of panic coursed through my garlic-infused veins.