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Audiences Will Now Get to See Showtime’s Dishy James Comey Miniseries Before the Election

Amid complaints, the network has reversed its decision to hold the show until after people head to the polls in November
loudest voice showtime fox news

Can a Pair of Hollywood Takes on Roger Ailes Help Fox News Loyalists See the Light?

The Murdochs might prefer to sweep “The Loudest Voice” and “Fair and Balanced” under the carpet

The Guy Who Created Dothraki Talks About the Language He’d Invent for L.A.

In his new book, conlanger David J. Peterson explains how he builds native tongues from scratch
Penny Dreadful

Everything You Need to Know About Showtime’s Penny Dreadful

Can last year’s creepy period hit keep up the thrills and chills?
Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex Seduces the Television Academy with a Sneak Peek at Season 3

The Showtime series rolled out the red carpet and exam tables for Emmy voters

Tig Notaro Will Tell Jokes in Your Living Room—if You Ask Nicely

The comedian recently travelled across the country performing in private homes. Now a documentary about the experience is premiering on Showtime

David Lynch Pulls Out of New Twin Peaks Season

The director announced yesterday that he will not be involved with the planned new season of the iconic show

Showtime Gives Kobe Bryant the Docu Treatment

Kobe Bryant’s Muse airs tomorrow night

Shameless Season Five: Debbie Gallagher aka Emma Kenney Chats About Debs Gone Bad

Did you see this week’s episode of Showtime’s Shameless? Little Debbie Gallagher is all grown up

Kyle MacLachlan Will Appear in New Twin Peaks Season

Pour yourself a damn good cup of coffee. Showtime has announced that Kyle MacLachlan will return to Twin Peaks as Agent Dale Cooper in 2016