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Outsider Art’s Inner Sanctum

Featuring nontraditional talent at her Chinatown galley, Paige Wery has a knack for spotting the extraordinary

Gary Numan: An Alien of Extraordinary Abilities

Among all of L.A.'s expat British musicians, Gary Numan may be the most incongruous. He still has the inky black mop top and the dark, agro-goth musical leanings, but as of about a year ago, he also has a home and a life in sunny Los Angeles.

Tom Petty Keeps His Word; Will Reimburse Fans

When his June 8 show at the Fonda Theatre was shut down after 30 minutes, the veteran songwriter declared everyone would be reimbursed. And they will.

Now, on Your TV: Comedian Nick Kroll and His Many Alter-Egos

Maybe you spotted the billboard advertising Dr. Armond's canine plastic surgery. No, Los Angeles' obsession with physical perfection hasn't reached a new low; it was just a clever bit of viral marketing for The Kroll Show.

Your 2013 Golden Globes Talking Points

Here are five memorable moments from last night's telecast, so you'll at least know why you're dabbing a fake tear from your eye or pretending to laugh. (Full list of winners at the end of the post.)