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Clare Vivier

What’s Inside Clare Vivier’s Bag

The L.A. designer shows us everything she schleps around

How to Pack Your Bags for Joshua Tree

Pack lightly to wander into the weird wonders of Joshua Tree

Thick-Base Sneakers for Summer

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Out of ideas for presents? Our suggestions, which cover the four elements, include something for everyone—from fiery friends and cool dads to earthy moms and whimsical kids

Black Friday Fitness Deals in L.A.

Offers so good you’ll think twice about skipping out on the gym

Shopwalk DTLA

It's not even Thanksgiving but it's not too early to get your holiday shopping done. A bevy of locally owned businesses and restaurants in downtown unite for a day of...

Car Shopping Hacks

If you’re like most people, you walk into a dealership ready to say no to the salesman. You’ve practiced your polite if not firm decline in the parking lot....

Farmers’ Market Report: Blenheim Apricots and Offbeat Berries

See what's in season at the market this week

6 IKEA Steals to Transform Your Car Into A Living Room

You moved way past IKEA at home, but we bet you didn’t know those discount Swedish castoffs could add incredible comfort—and problem-solving style—your commute

Will the Man Behind the Grove Remake the Rest of L.A. in His Own Image?

Developer Rick Caruso’s knack for building high-end shopping centers is matched only by his ability to pour on the charm