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Darwin Manahan

Shift Drink: Darwin Manahan, Cliff’s Edge and Osso

Why cider is the perfect mellow post-work beverage for this cocktail whiz

Shift Drink: Marissa Grasmick, Bar Director at Santa Monica’s aestus

A bitter-heavy classic does the trick at closing time

Shift Drink: Derek Schreck, Tom Bergin’s and Vestry

A whiskey man who unwinds with wine
Brynn Smith

Shift Drink: Brynn Smith, Sotto

Mexico meets Italy in this bartender’s perfect nightcap

Shift Drink: Shawn Lickliter, République

A barman with a penchant for an honest whiskey

Shift Drink: Jared Hooper, Faith & Flower

A wine director who dives into cocktail R&D after dinner service

Shift Drink: Avery Underhill, Butchers & Barbers

The gin cocktail that hits the spot while closing checks

Shift Drink: Matthew Kaner, Augustine Wine Bar

A sommelier that enjoys a bitter end

Shift Drink: Serena Herrick, Harvard & Stone

A bartender that looks to fortified wine for a late-night refreshment

Shift Drink: Alicia Kemper, Fundamental L.A.

The wine director with a love for an unsung region in France