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Sherman Oaks Shock: Three Homeless People Found Dead in One Week

Sherman Oaks is witness to L.A.'s failure on homelessness, as three dead, officially unknown, people were found on its streets in a week

The Valley’s New Petit Trois Might Be the Most French Restaurant in L.A.

Not only is Ludo Lefebvre’s new location of Petit Trois much larger, it doubles down on the transportive charm of the original

This Beloved Valley Restaurant Is Making a Comeback in March

You know you missed that Chinese chicken salad

The One Up & Hey 19 Bring Back the ‘80s with Nostalgic Menus

Feel good food from when times seemed better

Your Best Shot: Tipple & Brine’s Scotch Oyster Luge

The new restaurant's signature elixir will have you heading for the hills—to the Valley, that is
Craft Beer in Los Angeles

The Ultimate Guide: Where to Shop for Craft Beer in Los Angeles

An interactive map that explores the best places that sell craft beer to go in L.A.

Boney Island: The Magic of One of L.A.’s Best DIY Haunted Houses

A fortune teller, a flock of skeletal hummingbirds, and a glow-in-the-dark water show are all part of this elaborate setup.

The 10 Events You Can’t Miss at L.A. Beer Week

The fifth annual celebration of local craft beer starts September 19.