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supervisor race

The Race for One of L.A. County’s Most Powerful Posts Is Starting to Take Shape

Controller Ron Galperin joins Lindsey Horvath and Richard Bloom in a bid for a county supervisor seat that’s sure to be hotly contested
sheriff alex villanueva

A Citizen Commission May Soon Have the Power to Subpoena the L.A. Sheriff’s Department

As records requests go unanswered, the Board of Supervisors approves a proposal to compel Alex Villanueva’s department to turn over info to the Citizen Oversight Commission

The Short Stack: The Los Angeles Week in Review, 11/3/14 – 11/7/14

A news and culture roundup made to order

The Results of the 2014 Midterm Elections are In

Here’s who won and who lost

Stumped: Bobby Shriver v. Sheila Kuehl

A quickie guide to the L.A. County Supe’s race

The Short Stack: The Los Angeles Week in Review

September 30 – October 3, 2014

Supes Du Jour

The race to replace county supervisors highlights a radical shift in L.A.’s most powerful political body