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CA Attorney General Kicks Sheriff Villanueva Off L.A. Supervisor Probe

Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he’s recused himself from his department’s raid on his enemies but DOJ is taking over anyway

Judge Orders Sheriff to Stop Searching Seized MTA Computers

The LASD raids on Villanueva's enemies look even more buffoonish as legal professionals, like the D.A. and a Superior Court judge, weigh in

Sheriff’s Dept. Raids Homes of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and Others

LASD investigators served search warrants to various enemies of Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who apparently says he's recused himself

COVID Hospitalizations Keep Creeping Up in LA County

With the county teetering on the edge of the "high" COVID-19 activity level—potentially leading to a new indoor mask-wearing mandate—virus-related hospitalizations climbed slightly higher in Los Angeles County, while...
supervisor race

The Race for One of L.A. County’s Most Powerful Posts Is Starting to Take Shape

Controller Ron Galperin joins Lindsey Horvath and Richard Bloom in a bid for a county supervisor seat that’s sure to be hotly contested
sheriff alex villanueva

A Citizen Commission May Soon Have the Power to Subpoena the L.A. Sheriff’s Department

As records requests go unanswered, the Board of Supervisors approves a proposal to compel Alex Villanueva’s department to turn over info to the Citizen Oversight Commission

The Short Stack: The Los Angeles Week in Review, 11/3/14 – 11/7/14

A news and culture roundup made to order

The Results of the 2014 Midterm Elections are In

Here’s who won and who lost

Stumped: Bobby Shriver v. Sheila Kuehl

A quickie guide to the L.A. County Supe’s race