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charles manson son

Charles Manson Jr.’s Birth Certificate Emerges in Estate Battle

The document could be used to show that Jason Freeman is Manson’s grandson and the heir to his estate

Manson ‘Family’ Member Patricia Krenwinkel Okayed for Parole

Krenwinkel says she was an abuse victim when she stuck a fork in Leno LaBianca's stomach and wrote on the walls in his blood
jay sebring

A New Documentary on Hollywood Hairdresser and Manson Murder Victim Jay Sebring Is Coming Soon

Quentin Tarantino, Dennis Hopper, and others have been interviewed for a film about the stylist to the stars

Roman Polanski Thinks He’s Been Persecuted Because of Sharon Tate’s Murder

The accused rapist's trip to Venice International Film Festival is off to an inauspicious start
carrie white hair salon 1960s

Hairdresser to the Stars Carrie White Recalls the Summer L.A. Changed Forever

The celebrity hairstylist counted Manson murder victim Sharon Tate among her famous clients
sharon tate murder 50 years

After the Manson Murders, Los Angeles Magazine Blamed the “Age of ‘Freaky’ Crime”

A look back at a story from our October 1969 issue that stoked fear about youth culture, drugs, and copycat crimes
labianca house los feliz manson

The Host of “Ghost Adventures” Reportedly Bought the LaBianca Murder House in Los Feliz

3311 Waverly Drive now belongs to ghost show host Zak Bagans
charles manson son

Charles Manson’s Son Says His Father Was Misunderstood

Michael Brunner is speaking to the media for the first time in 26 years

Killer Mystery: Is Charles Manson Responsible For More Murders?

Michelle McNamara considers two cold cases

Now, About That Megan Draper as Sharon Tate Theory…

We interrupt our regularly scheduled "Mad Men Yourself" Monday post to weigh in on this crazy tee shirt-ignited conspiracy...