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Don’t Be A Weiner: Safeguarding Your Sexy Pics, E-Mails, And Videos

Danger may be your middle name, but don’t let it become an Internet punch line. Deploy a few of these digital tricks to keep your stuff safe

Snapped: L.A.’s Hottest Night Moves

Talk about hot spots: Photographers Christina Gandolfo and Maeghan Jamea ventured into bars and clubs around L.A. to capture some serious PDA.

Find The Nabe For Your Babe

Where are you most likely to get lucky?

Tune Up: A Sexy Playlist For Your Aural Pleasure

Kara Lane and her crew of music consultants at Amoeba Music share their steamy selections

Know Thy Selfie

Renowned photographer Gabriela Herman shares her three key rules for creating come-hither selfies

Remembrance of Schwings! Past

Comedian Rob Delaney shares the greatest hits of his sexiest L.A. moments

Liquid Courage: L.A.’s Sexiest Bars

The measure of a potent evening is only one part cocktail—the rest is derived from the amorous atmosphere. Here are a handful of favorite spots that inspire lusty thoughts

The Art of Desire

Dian Hanson, the “sexy book editor” (yes, that’s her actual job title) at high-end book publishing house Taschen, reveals what’s really sexy—and why it might surprise you

Crush Hour: Getting Seductive Behind The Wheel

For a healthy dose of fleeting flirtation, your car is better than any bar. We tapped a team of social scientists to help us figure out how to turn a daily commute into a four-wheel, ego-fueling machine