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The Interview is Back On

Sony Pictures says the controversial film will run in select theaters starting Christmas Day

The James Franco Movie That Might Destroy a Studio

Hackers tell Sony Pictures Studios not to release The Interview... or else

The Funniest Event Ever About Alzheimer’s

The third annual Hilarity for Charity highlights a heavy cause with humor

This is Not The End! Seth Rogen’s 5-Step Plan For Summer Survival

Seth Rogen, whose apocalyptic comedy This is the End opens this month, offered to prep us for potential summertime disasters

Seth Rogen, Mindy Kaling, Samuel L. Jackson At Hilarity For Charity

Rogen and wife Lauren Miller throw their second shindig to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association

Seth Rogen

The actor-writer-producer—his new film, 50/50, is a comedy about twentysomethings and cancer—riffs on laziness, abandoning his drug dealers, and Fairfax Avenue before it got hip