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SZA Sephora Closing Diversity Training

Sephora Stores Are Closing for a Day After SZA Reported Racial Profiling in Calabasas

Staff of all U.S. locations will receive diversity training

L.A. Archetype: Perfume Spritzer

When it comes to her work, fragrance expert Loretta Owens likes to spray it, not say it

Six Reasons to Skip Sephora and Shop at Beauty Collection Instead

Shopping for beauty products can be a total pain--but at Beauty Collection it's actually enjoyable

Goodbye Face Goo, Hello Sheet Masks

A brilliant skincare idea from South Korea has us laying down

Green is Mean: Lessons From A Makeup Junkie

Sephora + Pantone proclaim "Emerald" as the color of the year, but the shade isn't exactly a team player.