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Self-Driving Vehicles Are Going to Dramatically Change L.A.’s Car Culture—and Soon

According to experts, driverless cars are the future of transportation in L.A., whether you like it or not

A Driver Was Killed While Using Tesla’s Autopilot Mode

Federal officials are pouring over the grisly accident in Florida

Futuristic Car Technology Gets Top Billing at CES

Want to warm up dinner from your car? We're almost there
Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Cars are Coming! How Garcetti’s Prepping L.A.

The mayor announced a new coalition during the L.A. Auto Show’s press days
Self-Driving Cars

California’s Self-Driving Cars Need Accident Forgiveness, Too

Google's autonomous vehicles were rear-ended and broadsided by other drivers

VIDEO: GM’s Robot Cars are Coming

The U.S. Automaker's close-to-driverless vehicles will invade the Santa Monica freeway in two years