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Development and Construction Are Slowly Improving L.A.’s Traffic

Even if they make it worse in the short run

Dozens More Speed ‘Humps’ Coming to L.A. Streets

You can thank (or blame) Waze for their resurgence

LADOT Head Seleta Reynolds Tackles the Dangers of Traffic in Los Angeles

One of her many strategic goals involves ridding the city of traffic-related fatalities by 2025

Four Ideas Keeping L.A.’s Big Boom in Check

As the city braces for a more populous future, creative minds are rethinking public space, water use, building design, and real estate

Dwell on Design

The design expo highlights the latest innovations for home and garden
Driverless Cars

Mayor Wants New Tech Advisor to Prepare L.A. for Driverless Cars

The new hire will help guide transpo policy for decades