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Hidden: Four Odd Gems in the Rough

First Jewish Cemetery
From 1855 to 1902, more than 360 people were buried at this site. By 1911 they’d been moved to a graveyard along Whittier Boulevard in East L.A. Take Lilac Terrace and you’ll find a monument and plaque behind the U.S. Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center.

Hidden Quiet Spaces

theessentials_masa_tMalibu Hindu Temple
Seen from Las Virgenes Road, the ornate steeples are out of someplace far beyond. To peek inside, doff your shoes and wash your feet outside the upper temple, dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. You can also visit the lower complex, where Lord Shiva presides. Admire the banana and coconut offerings that grace the altars. » 1600 Las Virgenes Canyon Rd.

Hidden: Three Unforgettable Abodes

theessentials_masa_t Skinny House
Completed in 1932 on a dare that the new owner of the 500-square-foot lot couldn’t build a livable place (a family of six resided here in the ’50s), the Long Beach home is nearly ten feet wide—narrower than a Mini Cooper. » 708 Gladys Ave.

The Hidden Coast: Vintage California

Heading south on High- way 1, outside Cayucos, you have a chance to turn left—inland—on Old CreekRoad. CAUTION: NARROW WINDING ROAD, the sign says, and as you disappear into...