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Secret L.A.: The Unusual Resting Places of Three Famous Figures

The remains of Pio Pico, Mahatma Gandhi, and Richard Neutra aren’t where you might think they are

L.A.’s Hidden Ruins

From an abandoned zoo to disaster sites to wartime battlements, fragments of the past are scattered all around Los Angeles. You just need to know where to look

L.A.’s Hidden Past: Was Murphy Ranch Once a Fascist Retreat?

Records are scant, but several accounts point to a mystic, “Herr Schmidt,” who taught Nazi philosophy at the upper Rustic Canyon property

L.A.’s Hidden Past: The Airport Ghost Town of Palisades Del Rey Has Nearly Vanished

People used to say that Palisades del Rey, aka Surfridge, was a colony for the deaf. It wasn’t.

L.A.’s Hidden Past: Where to Find Signs of Our First Lightrail

In 1950, 800 miles of track for Pacific Electric Railway’s Red Cars crisscrossed L.A. By 1960, there were 20 miles. The following year, on April 9, a teenage train enthusiast named Ralph Cantos was aboard the Red Car’s final run.