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Jinkies! Scooby-Doo Sleuth Velma Dinkley is Officially Gay

Ending decades of speculation, meddling Scooby-Doo-gooder Velma is explicitly a lesbian in the gang's latest cartoon adventure
scooby doo van

What’s With the Scooby Doo Van That’s Always Buzzing Around L.A.?

Readers Ask Chris about a bird cop, a mysterious door downtown, and more

Your Favorite Vintage Saturday Morning Cartoons Are Now in a Museum

Classics like Scooby Doo and The Flintstones get their own special exhibit

Playing Dress-Up: 10 Comic-Con Costumes for the Non-Cosplayer

Because seeing costumed fans in their caped, masked, feathered, and winged Lycra finery is the best part