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DNA Submitted for Genealogy Research Led Police to the Golden State Killer Suspect

How a relative’s search for family helped cops searching for a murderer

Your Once-a-Year Chance to Go Inside NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab Is Here

It’s one of the hottest tickets in the universe

We Need to Talk About Barbra Streisand’s Clone Dogs

Pet cloning is a thing now, and Babs knows all about it

The L.A. March for Science Was Brilliant, As Expected (Photos)

Overall, just an excellent use of molecules

8 Reasons to Get Pumped About the Discovery of Gravitational Waves

Kip Thorne and members of the LIGO team held a panel at Caltech last night to share the details of their discovery

Optimism, the Future, and Why I Loved The Martian

Watching Matt Damon’s character "science the shit" out of his limited resources made me think more about drought than any ad campaign ever could

What Happened When the MythBusters Met Rick Santorum

And 16 more questions for Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage

Discovery Cube Opening Day

Like its Orange County parent venue, the 71,000-square-foot campus sponsors interactive exhibits and hands-on activities for kids.

Megan Amram’s Hilarious and Surprisingly Dark Feminist Comedy Book

Science…For Her! is equal parts Cosmo and Cosmos

Freezing People Isn’t Easy and Bob Nelson Should Know; He’s the Most Famous Failure in the History of Cryonics

After his first attempts turned disastrous, Bob Nelson changed his name and dropped out of sight. Now he tells his side of the story in the memoir "Freezing People is (Not) Easy"