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Tonight: Season Two of the “The Writers’ Room” Dives into “Scandal”

"The Writers' Room" is back with behind-the-scenes looks into hit TV shows like "House of Cards"

Tony Goldwyn

The Scandal star on being part of a Hollywood legacy, slumming it in Venice, and moving back in with his dad

Culture Shot: Paging Carlos Danger

Aside from his deceit and appallingly poor judgment, how does the guy pick a fake name that's actually goofier than "Anthony Weiner"?

It’s All About Netflix at 2013 Emmy Nominations

Think of it as the year the Internet made history—again.

Horse & Donkey Meat Found In European Beef: So What?

Traces of horse & donkey meat were found in European burgers, frozen lasagna, and other products labeled "100% beef." Labeling issues aside, why are some people OK with eating cows, but not horses or donkeys?