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Slide Show: 8 Classic Saul Bass Movie Posters Going to Auction

The Altadena-based designer created iconic movie images for Hitchcock, Preminger, and Scorsese

Video Village With Ask Chris: Saul Bass Logo Makeover From 1969

AT&T tried hard to make itself hip and new in 1969 when they hired Altadena’s own Saul Bass to redesign the stodgy old logo they had been using for 80 years. Bass created this epic, crazy generation gap film to introduce his new logotype. Though it feels more like a campaign film for the new Soylent party, there’s some pretty great stuff in here.  As the film says, "Ma Bell Has Gone Mod." The Oleg Cassini miniskirt uniforms didn’t make it, and although many of Bass’s logos (his 1972 Warner Bros. logo opened Argo) live on, his new Bell was retired in 1983.