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Traffic Jams: 10 Songs to Help You Survive L.A. Gridlock from Nickel Creek’s Sara Watkins

The Grammy-winning fiddler, whose latest solo album is out July 1, has a few suggestions

Patty Griffin/Anais Mitchell/Sara Watkins

A unique national tour entitled Use Your Voice teams up Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Patty Griffin with Sara Watkins, and Anaïs Mitchell

8 Delightful Things To Do This Weekend, 4/1

Relax while inspecting dino bones or listening to music from the Star Trek franchise

Singer-Songwriter Blake Mills is Breaking Through

On his second album the musician reprises his guitar virtuosity

3 Questions for Sara Watkins

Sara Watkins, best known for her fiddling in the band Nickel Creek, brings bluegrass to McCabe’s on May 10.

Julia St. Pierre Lists Off The Essential Sara Watkins

If Sara is new to you and you’d like to get familiar with her sound before her show at McCabe's this Friday, here’s where to start