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More Restaurants Closing: Junior’s Deli, Sierra’s Mexican, and Fraîche

More legendary L.A. restaurants to close, piling onto the recent sad announcements about Henry’s Tacos (maybe?) and La Frite Cafe in Woodland Hills.

Oscar Niemeyer, Icon Of World Architecture, Dies At 104. His L.A. Legacy.

The modern master was known for his creation of Brasilia, a new capital for Brazil carved out of the jungle in the 1950s.

Asian Persuasion: Cold Comfort Korean at M.A.K.E. in Santa Monica

Naengmyeon (aka Korean cold noodles) and kimchi dumplings get a wonderfully refreshing transformation.

Jon Stewart Weighs In On The War On Christmas In Santa Monica

Last week we reported on a Christian Group's efforts to erect nativity scene displays in Palisades Park. What we didn’t do is put the story into national context. In the opening segment of last night’s "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart did.

Afternoon Cram: The Santa Monica War on Christmas Comes to an End

Everything you need to know from today’s news headlines

Eat Me Now: Romanesco

“I’ll take the romanesco,” said the cheffy type standing in front of me this morning at the Rutiz Family Farm stand at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market.

Valentino 40th Anniversary White Truffle Dinner

Valentino restaurateur Piero Selvaggio announced an upcoming 10-course white truffle pairing dinner, utilizing fresh fungi picked the day before and hand-carried by chef Walter Ferretto.

Vietnamese Thanksgiving from Tiato in Santa Monica

Tiato in Santa Monica is preparing a Vietnamese take on Thanksgiving dinner, available to pre-order through the 19th.

Hurricane Sandy Relief: Cupcakes, Burgers, Beer, and Poutine

Los Angeles restaurants are stepping up to help our East Coast brethren and sistren who were affected by the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. Wanna do your part? Here’s the scoop we’ve gotten from around town.