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Seven hundred artworks are up for sale and the creators remain a secret until after purchases are made

Artist on Artist: Zackary Drucker on Brian Weil

Photographer and performance artist Drucker discusses the photos of New York artist Weil.

Leonard Nimoy’s Legacy in the Los Angeles Art World

The death of the photographer and philanthropist leaves a black hole in his adopted hometown

INCOGNITO: Mindy Kaling Joins the Running of the Art Lovers

The Santa Monica Museum of Art's yearly ‘do raises money and your heart rate

The Santa Monica Museum of Art Recognizes Wolvesmouth as Art

Chef Craig Thornton gets his own exhibit.

Where There’s A Wheel…

The Santa Monica Museum of Art’s Park Studio program helps high school kids build skateboarding playgrounds

Skateboarder & Pizzanista Owner Salman Agah Talks Skating, Art & Life

As a consultant for the spring break workshop and exhibit opening May 31, Agah used his connections in the skateboarding world to make the most out of the experience for 11 Santa Monica highschoolers.

Run, Art Lovers, Run!

INCOGNITO raised more than $600,000 for the Santa Monica Museum of Art