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How to Make the Most of a Trip to the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

An expert shares some tips for picking prime produce
Monica Farmers Market

Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Report: Curry Leaves vs. Curry

Akasha Richmond, chef owner of Akasha and the forthcoming Sāmbār explains the difference between fresh curry leaves and dried curry powder

Santa Monica Farmers Market Report: The West Coast Papaya King

A Hawaiian-born former surfboard shaper is growing the first commercial crop of papayas in California, and his Carpinteria farm will soon offer pineapples and bananas too

Getting to the Nut of California’s Almond Dilemma

Almonds have suddenly become the supreme villain in California’s drought, but we won’t refill our aquifers by boycotting almond milk

Which Came First…? Test Your Egg-Q with These 15 Questions

As Easter approaches, find out how much you know about eggs and the birds that lay them

Santa Monica Farmers Market Report: Sir Prize! This Avocado Won’t Brown

Win your next guacamole party with a newer variety of avocado that has large flesh and small seeds--and won't oxidize

Santa Monica Farmers Market Report: Where to Eat (and Drink) Artichokes in L.A.

Artichoke season has officially begun, and chefs and bartenders around town are adding California touches to classic Italian preparations

Santa Monica Farmers Market Report: All Pixie, No Dust

Ojai Valley’s famous Pixie tangerines arrived this week

Santa Monica Farmers Market Report: Asparagus Is Here

At California markets, spring begins when Zuckerman's Farm arrives with their delta-grown asparagus

Santa Monica Farmers Market Report: For Chickens, the Rent is Too Damn High

A new law giving hens more space has raised egg prices, but farmers still see tremendous value in their yolks