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Alex Jones’ Courtroom Note to Sandy Hook Mom: ‘I’m Sorry’

“I saw a very lonely person,” said Sandy Hook parent Scarlett Lewis, who was on the receiving end of Jones’ written apologia

Tucker Carlson is Reportedly a Mess Over Fear of Alex Jones Phone Leak

Fox News host Carlson is quite put out, apparently, over what he and his fellow conspiracy theorist may have shared in unguarded moments

Alex Jones Hit with $45.2 Mil Punitive Judgement, But Texas Cap is $750K

Jones was ordered to pay $45.2 mil in punitive damages after a $4.1 mil compensatory hit, but you can guess who Texas law favors

Files Sent by Alex Jones Included Child Porn, Sandy Hook Lawyers Claim

Jones—who was just ordered to pay $4.1 million—says the images were a “malware attack attempting to embed” child porn on his servers

Facing Crippling Fines, Alex Jones Decides to Testify in Sandy Hook Trial

Conspiracy-spreader Alex Jones quickly crumbled after a Connecticut judge said she'd charge him per-day for his antics

Sandy Hook Families Beat Gunmaker Immunity in $73 Million Settlement with Remington

Firearms maker Remington went all the way to the Supreme Court pleading for federal immunity. Now its insurers must pay