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The Madwoman in the Volvo

Writer and radio personality Sandra Tsing Loh’s autobiographical show is based on her memoir of love, motherhood, and Burning Man
Sandra Tsing Loh

Sandra Tsing Loh Takes on the Menopause Taboo in New One-Woman Show

We spoke to the writer and entertainer about the midlife experience, being a woman, and realizing that you’re not Maya Angelou

Sandra Tsing Loh: It’s Time to Admit Our Cars Are a Mess (and That’s Okay!)

The NPR host and performer discusses her new audiobook, menopause, and finding vermin nesting in your Volvo

Five Local Authors Pick the Must-See Panels at the Festival of Books

The annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books can be a daunting affair: large crowds, hundreds of booths, countless panels, discussions, and concerts. Facing too many options? Take a page out of these writers' books.