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Exclusive Interview: CA Women Bust World Record Rowing S.F. to Hawaii

We spoke with Sophia Denison-Johnston about her team's world record-breaking 34 days and 14 hours alone on the open ocean

These California Cities Demand the Most Work Hours in the U.S.A.

San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco top the list of cities where renters need to work the longest hours just to make the rent

Gridlock in the U.S.: How Costly Is L.A. Traffic?

The gridlock cost for Angelenos equals a yearly average of $1,816, according to a study by insurance firm Budget Direct

How L.A. Works: Earthquakes

In the natural disaster lottery, L.A. could have it much worse. Earthquakes are rarely deadly, but they are destructive. Understanding what’s happening can help you prepare

The Weekender: San Francisco

The Presidio and its environs offer a different way to enjoy the city by the bay

Firestone Walker Brewing Update; Local Beers Named Best of 2013 by DRAFT Magazine

Seven California brews get honored on DRAFT’s “Top 25 Beers of the Year” list, and Firestone Walker’s Venice plans start coming together.

Yosemite Wildfire: What We Know

Now in its tenth day, a Northern California Rim Fire has demolished more than 150,000 acres of land—an area about the size of Chicago

Star Trek Beams Into Los Angeles

Who knew Starfleet headquarters overlooked the 405?

The Weekender: San Francisco

Roaming two neighborhoods that offer a smart—and tasty—alternative to the tourist haunts