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150 Amazon Workers Walk Off the Job at San Bernardino Air Hub

The San Bernardino walkout is part of a larger effort by Amazon employees to organize for better pay and conditions

30 Busted in SoCal Gang Sweep as Cartel Threatens ‘Mayhem’ for All Baja

San Bernardino cops busted 30 in a gang raid Friday while a drug cartel is attempting to own the streets of Baja by threatening mass violence

San Bernardino Real Estate Honcho Urges County to Leave California

Local mogul Jeff Burum has a lot of gripes, so he told the Board of Supervisors to get set to secede from CA, and they don’t think he’s nuts
san bernardino gang shootings

San Bernardino Cops Say They’re Following New Leads in the Recent Shooting Spree

Police can't confirm that a "serial killer gang" is on the rampage, but say their call for info from the public has helped the investigation
san bernardino gang shootings

A ‘Serial Killer’ Gang’s Shooting Spree Has San Bernardino Cops Asking the Public for Help

“There are people out there that saw these homicides...we need those folks to come forward”

Why Won’t Apple Help the FBI Break Into the San Bernardino Shooter’s Cell Phone?

Experts explain what’s at stake in the showdown between law enforcement and the tech giant, and why a quick resolution is unlikely
Big Bear Lake

CityDig: The Wild and Wondrous Origins of Big Bear Lake

The resort has been a hotspot for miners, boxers, grizzlies, and movie stars

Pick Up These Five New L.A. Paperbacks and Go Explore Your City

These flexible journeys through the city can (maybe) fit in your pocket

Slide Show: Charles Phoenix Salutes Wigwam Motel On Route 66

The Route 66 landmark celebrates 65 years with vintage trailers, puppets, and s'mores

Charles Phoenix Turns A Vintage Roadside Wigwam Into A Christmas Tree

He turned a Route 66 landmark into a new holiday destination