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“The Gray Man” Review: Gosling and Evans Elevate Expensive Netflix Movie

This by-the-book movie succeeds thanks to the inherent charm of its two leading men.

The ‘Barbie’ Movie: Everything People Think They Know So Far

The world got a sneak peep at the babes of toyland—plus Margot Robbie—as shooting on “Barbie" rolled across L.A. this week

As Barbie’s Ken, Ryan Gosling is Now Someone Else’s Real Doll

Warner Bros. revealed a first look at the actor all dolled up as Barbie's very own anatomical anomaly, Ken

The Hollywood Brief: Ryan Gosling’s $20 Million Payday; Tragic Cost of “Rust”

Here are some of the stories that the Hollywood industry is buzzing about and some that they will be after reading this column. Ryan Gosling's $20 Million Payday for "Ken"...

This WeHo Café Prints Your Photos On Latte Foam

Because a latte with Ryan’s face on it just tastes better

The Story Behind the Music of La La Land

Damien Chazelle's latest film is a lyrical love letter to Los Angeles

The Nice Guys Writer-Director Shane Black On Why Porn Works So Well as a Plot Device

The movie, starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, brings ’70s Los Angeles to life

Wait, Whaaa? These 10 Great Films Never Won a Single Oscar

Straight Outta Compton may have been excluded from a place among the best picture nominees, but at least it's not alone

Ryan Gosling is Signing Up for the Blade Runner Sequel

Does Ryan Gosling dream of electric sheep?

How to Become a Celebrity’s Chef

International superstar Psy has put out the call, and Korean food chain Bibigo is helping him answer it.