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NYC Chef Eddie Huang Films in LA; Roy Choi Gets Real With Him

Baohaus chef-cum-troublemaker Eddie Huang checks out L.A.'s Persian digs, gets some wisdom from Roy Choi, and grubs BBQ with Techniques Car Club.

Oppan Gangster Style: Roy Choi’s “Taco Coreano” Rolls Deep into Mexico City

Inspired by L.A.'s gourmet & fusion taco truck craze, Korean tacos are now finding a welcome home in Mexico City.

Chego Hits the Streets… er, the Parking Lot?

The Chego kitchen is closed for repairs for a while, but not to worry: a Chego Truck is setting up in the parking lot to fill the void.

An Evening with Anthony Bourdain and Roy Choi at the Pantages

Anthony Bourdain, the culinary world’s favorite badass, is coming to Los Angeles on April 16 for a one-night event at the Pantages Theater.

The Newborn Activist: Roy Choi

Choi has since become a regular volunteer at numerous local nonprofits