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After ‘Don’t Say Gay’ War, Disney May Bend to Keep Special Florida Tax Kingdom

Disney will "pay their fair share of taxes in the state” cried Gov. DeSantis after the massive employer blasted his homophobic bill and dreams

Newsom Torches Abbott and Denies Presidential Bid at Tex Press Fest

Gavin Newsom popped down to Austin, where he burned Greg Abbott on his home turf and said he's not doing a presidential run

In War on GOP, Newsom Buys Billboards, Demands Debate, Calls for Feds

Gov. Gavin Newsom and his southern counterparts dialed up fresh, hot salvos in their forever war culture campaigns

Embattled Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s Contract Renewed

Calling Chapek “the right leader at the right time," the board voted unanimously to keep the CEO around for a while

Mouse Trapped: How Disney Became the Latest Casualty in America’s Culture Wars

Disney's new CEO was determined to steer the company away from partisan politics. Instead he's turned it into the unhappiest place on earth.

States That Took COVID Seriously Did Better Economically Than States That Didn’t

California outperformed states like Florida and Texas in terms of health outcomes too