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Report: Fear of Promiscuity Could Be Fueling Anti-Abortion Sentiment

UCLA‘s Dr. Martie Haselton says research indicates a connection between the mating strategies of anti-abortion activists and their beliefs
Abortion Rights Protest L.A.

Studios Inch Forward on Abortion Protection, Showrunner Group Reports

With no public response from the studios by deadline, the coalition says it's hoping to get something done behind the scenes

Roe v Wade’s Overturn Could Be Leading to Uptick In Men Having Vasectomies

Since late June, Dr. Justin Houman, an L.A.-based urologist, has noticed that women aren’t the only ones looking for ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies
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San Clemente City Council Considers Banning Abortion

Planned Parenthood, a prime target of the proposed resolution, is mobilizing opposition, and has a powerful ally in Mayor Gene James

3 Arrested as LACMA Abortion Protest Shuts Down Traffic

Protestors used body bags, coat hangers and fake blood to demonstrate the effects of abortion bans; two chained themselves to an exhibit
Abortion Rights Protest L.A.

Way Too Late, YouTube Will Remove Dangerous Anti-Abortion Propaganda

SCOTUS warned it was done with women's rights months ago, codified it weeks ago, and now YouTube says it will deal with its anti-choice thugs

Vanessa Hudgens Encourages Fans To Vote After Roe Decision

“I think it’s a really amazing time for women to support each other now more than ever,” the actor tells LAMag

AOC, the Squad and Others Arrested in U.S. Capitol Abortion Protest

More than a dozen Democratic lawmakers were arrested at an abortion rights rally outside of the Capitol on Tuesday
Abortion Rights Protest L.A.

In Roe Aftermath, House Set to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Act

With SCOTUS ruling no on women’s reproductive rights, everything is up for grabs—so Congress thinks maybe it should get involved

Lil Rel Howery Calls Supreme Court Sociopaths Over Roe Reversal

”The frightening part is you have people in place at the Supreme Court who just want to bring up old, really terrible laws,” the actor-comic said.