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Many Fear Spot, a Robo-Dog Cop, as Industry Embraces the Canine Droid

L.A. city officials have approved adding a robot dog to its law enforcement arsenal, but it's creepy, mindless, and no one knows what it does

On Second Thought, San Francisco Halts Deadly Robot Cop Army

San Francisco authorities are pausing their decision to deploy explosives-wielding law enforcement bots after the humans complained

Investors Are Not Psyched for Elon Musk’s ‘Optimus’ Humanoid Robot

Creating Elon Musk's army of worker droids is “infinitely harder than self-driving cars” but he's trying to anyway
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L.A.’s Resident Robots Are Pouring Drinks, Flipping Burgers, and More

Automatons are making their way into the workplace—with varying degrees of success

2013: The Summer Of Robot Punching Movies

The World's End is great, but relax on all this mechanical carnage.